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This law did not cost any money to the state because Mike Kellenyi was able to raise money to help pay for these signs, that state law now requires posted all over to warn people of the dangers and implications of distracted driving.

Distractions and the risk of car crash injury: The rise of cellphones, in America, has delivered an alarming problem: In the interview with the professionals it was advanced by the nurse that auto manufacturers may fail to honour their ethical duty to provide cars with the aspects of safety implications of distracted driving being addressed.

Drastically worse consequences can occur than simply missing an intended turn, though. The driver of the car Nikki was a passenger in was cited for driving carelessly.

The number one contributory factor in causes of death of crashes involving distracted drivers, as well as the biggest concern of organizations that are against distracted driving is the use of cell phones and texting. While these were advanced to reduce other types of distraction they never addressed the cognitive types with inattention blindness, slowed reaction times and tracking of lanes being noted to be affected whether or not the driver was using a hands-free device.

Cell phones and driving: With the issue of distracted driving contributing to high cases of traffic crashes hence deaths and injuries, the issue of privacy needs not impede the efforts for addressing the problem.

If he could not even text while riding his bicycle without crashing, why do people think it is safe to do in a vehicle? The next time you travel on the road as a driver, please give your full attention to driving and the next time you travel as a passenger, I hope you will allow your driver the safety of having an environment that will lend itself to careful driving practices.

A second controversy that has arisen with distractive driving control has been with respect to billboard advertisements advanced to increase the risk for causing distraction to drivers Wachtel, It basically translates to if any activity is being conducted that takes the drivers attention away from the road, that is a classification of distracted driving.

Go to part 8 here. Stay off your phone. Cognitive distractions are when you take your mind of the task of driving. What I would do to deal with this issue is go to local car dealership and found out where the nearest cars are manufactured.

Journal of Safety Research, 33 3 Hold an ongoing, multi-text conversation while behind the wheel. Distracted driving is a situation that is very well avoidable.

FedEx is the most reliable in our experience since In fact, in many studies, teens are shown to suffer the highest fatality rate caused by distracted driving compared to other age groups.

I would go about and advocate this new app in schools through assemblies as well as go to driving schools and talk about this new app to spread the word. What I would do to deal with this issue is go to local car dealership and found out where the nearest cars are manufactured.

In the legal aspects the paper recommends the continued development of legislative guidelines that address all issues of distracted driving. Aside from their inexperience, which in itself may lead to more anxiety and less focus on the road, teens are typically: Driving without any passengers.

Take the pledge against distracted driving today, and begin to live and drive in a safer world. Together, through such careful actions, we can reduce accidents and the social acceptability of harmful driving practices.

The whole thing was honestly so heartbreaking. March 13, The Dangers of Distracted Driving In this day and age technology has become such a huge part of our lives.

Such attempts to curtail distracted driving have been evidenced by the issuance of an executive order by the president banning texting for federal employees while they are driving NSC, a. By utilizing these steps and others, teens can be the difference between a dangerous driving environment, and cruising the open roads with joy and ease.

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Nikki had a smile that would light up the whole room whenever she walked in it. Make sure all children, pets, or other passengers are secured before starting the car. Driving with Other Teens Holding any type of conversation with someone else is a huge distraction from driving, and some tests show talking to someone inside the car can actually be more distracting for teens than texting.

Similar to the red sticker law that was passed for drivers that were under the age of Some of the states at this time however rated lowly on the legislative measures they had established to curb distracted driving.Texting while driving is the act of composing, sending, reading text messages, email while driving.

(Wikipedia) The age group with the greatest proportion of distracted drivers was the under age group.

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Distracted driving refers to any time your mind is not focused on the act of physically driving and can include things like texting and driving, changing the song on your Smartphone, programming your GPS while driving and even something as simple as taking a sip of your water bottle.

Unit Three Essay: Distracted Walking.

The dangers of teen distracted driving

Sydney Brown. Dr. Johnson Depina Stravinos is an expert on distracted driving with a PhD in Developmental Psychology and director of the University of Alabama at Birmingham’s Translational Research for Injury Prevention Laboratory, or TRIP Lab.

Stavrinos has a research focus on the prevention and. Currently, there are around , citizens that use a mobile device (CTIA). Statistics show that more than , use a cell phone while driving (Cell Phone), and around 1, car crashes involve drivers using cell phones and texting (Marino).

Distracted Driving Essay Examples.

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6 total results. The Danger of Distracted Driving. words. 1 page. The Issues with Using Cell Phones While Driving. 1, words. 3 pages. An Examination of the Growing Epidemic of Distracted Driving.

words. 2 pages. An Argument That Aggressive Driving Can Be Avoided.

Unit Three Essay: Distracted Walking

words. 2 pages. An Analysis of. Jan 17,  · And while, unfortunately, people have begun to accept such behaviors, distracted driving increases the possibility of accidents and fatalities, and murder has not yet become socially acceptable.

Distracted while driving essay
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