Hacktivists as gadflies essay

In order to understand Jeremy Hammond's case, it is important to explain what private intelligence security firms are. Those others included military and police equipment suppliers, private intelligence and information security firms, and law enforcement agencies.

These companies operate in the shadows and, as the Stratfor hack revealed, are involved in criminal behavior. He is constantly challenging the world, himself, and society to adopt and embrace the movement, and to see the benefits of his movements while moving away from the flawed, selfish and restrictive ways that society currently lives in.

Win or lose, Stallman will never give up. He was given a cup of hemlock instead.

Hacktivists Not to Laugh out Loud, China and America

That would theoretically make a felon out of anyone who lied about their age or weight on Match. Without this free development, redistribution and collaboration, a large amount of the success of operating systems that exist today would not be possible, including Microsoft and Mac OS X, which have large amount of code that were derived from Linux and BSD.

Richard Stallman can be considered a prime example of the latter, because although he is not a criminal or a cybercriminal, he acts as a gadfly in other ways by imparting his radical beliefs on society in a quite unusual way. Do you have information you want to share with HuffPost?

To understand Stallman, one would have to understand Stallman's beliefs, his dedication to his cause, and the extent to which he would go to free humans from the vices of the copyright.

Some places of note where such efforts were made include India and Venezuela. The case of Aaron Swartz has been well documented. However, not many people consider individuals who stir mental, ethical, emotional and psychological responses from members of society with radical ideology in attempt to bring forth changes towards a purpose, cause or greater good that they believe in.

In Latin America, there is a distinction made in the prison system between common criminals and political prisoners. He believes what he does makes the world a better place, and places emphasis and priority on freedom and bettering the world, rather than financial or other types of selfish gains.

When he got the information the e-mail addresses ofiPad users, including Mayor Michael Bloomberg and Rahm Emanuel, then the White House chief of staffWeev did not try to profit from it; he notified the blog Gawker of the security hole.

He politely demurred and said, "The New York Times does not take on crusades. In this sense they are different from garden-variety hackers out to enrich only themselves. For some reason, it seems that the government considers hackers who are out to line their pockets less of a threat than those who are trying to make a political point.

People like Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak and Bill Gates began their careers as hackers — they repurposed technology, but without any particular political agenda. That would theoretically make a felon out of anyone who lied about their age or weight on Match.

Jeremy Hammond, American Political Prisoner

His motivation was not personal or pecuniary enhancement. Just to be clear, what Mr. Similarly, Jeremy Hammond knowingly violated the law in order to expose greater criminality. He has worked hard to create such terms and ideas as the copyleft which is the opposite of copyright, and promotes the redistribution, duplication and transmission of works and the GNU Public License GPLwhich is a well drafted license that helps users be sure that they can be legally covered when producing material under the GPL, while still allowing their material to be openly viewed, disseminated and proliferated.

Tuesday, May 7, Hacktivist and Gadflies: Just as a gadfly is an insect that could sting a horse and prod it into action, so too could Socrates sting the state. Socrates thought his service to Athens should have earned him free dinners for life.

We have had gadflies among us ever since, but one contemporary breed in particular has come in for a rough time of late: In the case of Mr. For this he was charged on 12 counts, all of which pertained to credit card fraud.

He has produced much free, useful and helpful works in compliance with his ideology, and does so at no cost. China, Korea, and the United States all contract with these firms.

Because of these reasons, and many others, by Socrates's or anyone else's definition, Stallman embraces all a gadfly is comprised of, and is beyond reproach as far as gadflies are concerned.Hacktivism is the act of hacking, or breaking into a computer system, for a politically or socially motivated purpose.

The anonymous hackers are part of the hacktivisim, it originated inhowever, in the group began. Cyber-activist Jeremy Hammond was sentenced to 10 years in federal prison on November 15, by Judge Loretta A.

Preska in a federal courtroom in lower Manhattan for. May 29,  · Jeremy Hammond is a well known Chicago (h)ac(k)tivist. Today he took a non-cooperating plea bargain of 10 years for his involvement in the intrusion of. Apr 16,  · Hacktivists as Gadflies By Peter Ludlow Opinionator Around B.C., Socrates was brought to trial on charges of corrupting the youth of Athens and “impiety.”.

May 07,  · Hacktivist and Gadflies: A Final Essay When many people think of hacktivists, they think of an individual committing cybercrime for a purpose, a cause or a "greater good", or they think of an individual who may venture in ethically, morally or legally gray areas for a similar purpose, cause or greater good.

Other hacktivists have felt the force of the United States government in recent months, and all reflect an alarming contrast between the severity of the punishment and the flimsiness of the actual charges.

Hacktivists as gadflies essay
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