Short essay on democracy is the best form of government

During the past sixty-five years, there have been regular elections to the parliament and state legislatures. Knutsen All rights reserved. Invariably government tends to pursue policies which will go down well with public and avoid taking measures which are necessary but unpopular e.

What do you Prefer The basic characteristics of democracy are equality, liberty and fraternity. Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. In both monarchy and and dictatorship, the ruler- individual or group - wields absolute power and the people have no remedy against its misuse.

Each of them had their own style of governing the people. In our country people fail to take sound or independent decision.

Thus the nature of frontier society gave every young able-bodied individual a stake in fundamental decisions. It can prove to be better than democracy. Most citizens of direct democracies are very active in their governments since they influence every issue and decision that their governments take.

Democracy protects human rights by co-operation and coordination. In the Swiss used this power to force the adoption of the legislative referendum the right to approve or reject ordinary federal legislation. Besides these, there are a number of regional parties that fight the elections to state legislatures.

Also governments adopt short term measure which it can show to public during next elections. Firstly, democracy is the large group of incompetent and ignorant people. Dictatorship — What is the Difference — Essay 4 words Introduction Democracy is a type of government in which eligible citizens have the right to elect representative to form a government body.

Equality lies at the heart of democracy. It was only after the country got independence from the colonial rule of the Britishers in that it became a democratic nation.

1 Popular Sovereignty

They may propose laws that can benefit the community that they represent. To avoid wrath of public opinion government yields to public pressure on important policy questions. In an open landscape, with a sedentary lifestyle it became harder to escape tyrants and their professional fighting men.

He is the one who has quick decision making ability that can work in the favour of his country and people. Every eligible citizen has equal rights and freedom of self-expression. It gives freedom of thought, speech and expression. People elect the members of government themselves in a democratic government so it gives the freedom of thought and speech.

Democracy vs. Dictatorship Essay

Thirdly, it involves divided leadership and divided consent of the public. Still, there are many challenges before our democracy, namely communalism, separatism, casteism, terrorism, mobocracy, and illiteracy, etc. Hobbes concept meant that popular sovereignty only existed momentarily.

Democratic Principles of India Sovereign Sovereign refers to an entity that is free from the control of any foreign power. Hobbes in Leviathan, publishedclaimed that the first and only task of political society was to name an individual or a group of individuals as sovereign.

This multiplicity of choice acted as a brake on royal ambition.

Difference Between Direct and Representative Democracy

Similarly, it is possible to have popular sovereignty without direct democracy in its purest form. The Social Contract, led to the adoption of the referendum in the French Constitution ofi. Scandinavia eventually succumbed to absolutism, and direct democracy survived only in Swiss towns and cantons.

This person is called the dictator. Fifthly, the supporters of dictatorship believe in the slogan. In modern times, this type of government which is representative in nature is most suitable.

When these issues emerged or reemerged, it was because of a maturing United States and a maturing political structure. Democracy is the government allowing people to govern via voting system.

These political parties are the very life-blood of our democracy. Long Essay on Democracy vs.Liberal democracy is sometimes the de facto form of government, while other forms are technically the case; for example, the Canadian monarchy is in fact ruled by a democratically elected Parliament. In the United Kingdom, the sovereign is the hereditary monarch, but the de facto (legislative) sovereign is the people, via their elected.

Best Form of Government Essay As history has shown, there is no such thing as a perfectly functioning government. Every form has its shortcomings, whether it is the authoritarian rule of one individual, an oligarchic rule by a select few, or democratically allowing everyone an.

Thus, democracy is the best form of government that leads to the development of people and society as the rights and liberties of the citizens are highly respected. Long Essay on Democracy vs. Dictatorship – Merits and De-Merits – Essay 5 ( words).

Leacock has begun to write papers democracy is the best informative essays; a society, best. Own country with a highly competent in india democracy is a constituent assembly to. Fundamental transformation: democracy is best form of.

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1.A direct democracy or pure democracy is a form of government wherein the citizens have a direct say in the formulation of laws and issues that affect them while a representative democracy is a form of government wherein its citizens vote for or elect a representative to represent them in Congress or the Senate.

Short essay on democracy is the best form of government
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